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~ Welcome to Helping Touch ~

 About myself and therapy-
At Helping Touch I offer ISBT Bowen Therapy, Relaxation Massage and Energy Healing.
I had a back injury in 2013, which resulted in numbing my right leg. Like many people do, I was taking a lot of physiotherapy sessions to get better so that I could walk again.  Physiotherapy unfortunately wasn't working out well for me and I started to search other therapies which may work better for me. One of the therapies I found around the time was Bowen Therapy. I had a doubt at first that such a gently therapy would work but it did! The gentle yet powerful therapy amazed me so much that I decided to learn it myself!
I have always been interested in health since I was young and my family member taught me one of the Japanese massage, which I enjoyed offering to my family and friends then eventually a bit more people who were introduced by my friends. That could be part of the reason why I became so interested in Bowen Therapy. Since I started to offer Bowen Therapy, I learnt from my clients that many people enjoy relaxation/therapeutic massage as well. (Just like my daughter who doesn't leave the massage table and keep saying, 'Can you give me more, Mum??') I enjoy offering some kind of massage which I believe is beneficial to our well-being and that made me want to learn relaxation/therapeutic massage. I completed the course in early 2017.  We are all different - some people prefer gentle massage and some others do one with a firm and strong pressure. I am happy that I can give the options to my clients  now. 

~ISBT Bowen Therapy~
You may wonder how it works. We, the ISBT Bowen practitioners, use gentle rolling movements and promote healing. We work on the fascia (connective tissues) and the moves serve to generate an energy impulse, triggering the body's healing mechanism.
ISBT Bowen Therapy treats a wide range of physical ailments including muscular, structural and visceral complaints such as -
Back pain or stiffness
Neck pain or stiffness including Whiplash
Shoulder or Arm problems including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sciatica, pain in groin, hip or buttock
Thigh, Hamstring or knee problems
Lower leg, Ankle, Foot and Toe complaints

It is recommended that you receive a few sessions to see the best results.
We normally prefer working directly on the skin, however, if you feel uncomfortable undressing yourself for the treatment (with your underwear on), it is still find and the therapy can be applied quite successfully through clothing. Please discuss it with me before the treatment. 

~Relaxation/Therapeutic massage ~
Relaxation/Therapeutic massage at Helping Touch is a massage aiming at helping to eliminate accumulated toxins from your system and release stress, which is the main cause of ill-health, with a long, gentle and smooth stroke in combination with a brisk, a little faster and intense pressure, however, I will adjust the way I massage people who may either want more pressure or less. Using the Tui massage wax as a medium (or olive oil if you prefer), you will be so relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session. 
*Please note that we, therapists are recommended to not offer massage to women in the first trimester of pregnancy and for those who have medical conditions, please seek advice from a medical professional before receiving a massage. 


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